KenFM zeigt: Vortrag von Tim Anderson („The Dirty War on Syria“)

Syrias dictator Bashar al Assad and Russias dictator-president Vladimir Putin are responsible for the 250.000 people killed in the Syrian civil war. Bashar al Assad uses poisonous gas against his own people, bombs UN help convois and attacks hospitals with bunker busters and barrel bombs.

NATO and it´s allies Saudi Arabia and Quatar support moderate forces in Syria, so democracy, which will ultimately bring peace to the region, can prevail in the Middle East. A No-Fly-Zone is the best way to end the killing in Syria.

This is the US propaganda version transmitted 24/7 via the mainstream media. It is designed to enable another government change leading to another failed state. The simple technique used by the US empire is to repeat big lies endlessly until most people believe they are the truth. It is a technique already described by Adolf Hitler in his infamous “Mein Kampf” as the propaganda method of choice.

We tend to believe nobody in the NATO countries with an IQ higher than the average baboon will fall for this method. Communication experts tell us it was possible in Nazi Germany because of it´s controlled media system which provided only the official propaganda to the recipients, no alternative views. And that´s why it couldn’t happen to us, who are living in the free world. Because the media system of the Western World is pluralistic by default, which means there are a multitude of informations and opinions provided to the public. So just by paying attention for a while to our great media coverage we get the full picture of events and interpretations – and can then make up our own mind as informed citizens and voters.

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