Rolf Bouman and Dan Levy: Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Dan Levy, native artist and traditional drum maker in a conversation with Rolf Bouman, founder of the initiative "Friends Unites", Nova Scotia, Canada. Being a successful land developer and entrepreneur in Canada, Rolf Boumans true dedication is the support and friendhip for canada's first nations. For many years he encouraged and helped to indianer-kopfschmuckpreserve and foster the native languages, tradition, culture, art, dancing, handicraft and traditional music – achieving wonderful results. The art of traditional drummaking is dying out. Rolf Bouman asked one of the few remainig, still working drum makers, to manufacture a good number of the traditional drums, to send them into the world as messengers for american native music and spiritualism.

Mehr Informationen finden sie auf:  Quer-Denken.TV


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