Missing Link to Ola Frithiofson

In this interview with KenFM host Dirk Pohlmann Ola Frithiofson talks about a past in which social democratic ideas were formative for politics – worldwide. The concepts of “Détente” and “Change through Rapprochement” dominated discussions in progressive political circles, while the “Swedish Model” with high taxation and superb, corruption-free services for it´s citizens was a household name for those who loved it – or hated it. Olof Palmes Sweden had started to prove a third way between capitalism and communism was possible.

In the era from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump talking about Swedens past is also providing an outlook, what social democrats from Sweden, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and the USA (Bernie Sanders!) should evaluate. The only way out of the current desperation is probably to track “Back to the Future”.

Mehr Informationen finden sie auf:  KenFM

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